PokerShots’ 4 Indian Poker Superstars

Over the last few years, the poker community in India has increased two-folds and the game has really gone from something played by only a handful of people to filling casinos and crushing massive guarantees of every major online/live tournament! 

There are always those players in such competitive fields who stand out than the rest of the group. PokerShots presents you our  4 poker superstars who we feel are simply brilliant. They have been crushing live and online fields and consistently performing over a long period of time. This list proves that India has an incredible crop of young as well as experienced players. There have been Indian players who have won international events and we’re hoping that we continue taking big leaps and put India’s name on the map of world poker.

  •  Chirag Sodha: 

Chirag Sodha is the definition of consistency. We do not remember watching someone who reaches final tables as frequently as Chirag ‘miyagi’ Sodha. With over ₹3 crores in cash earnings, we spoke with Chirag back in 2019 about how he manages to stay consistent on MTT’s. He said, 

“The key is to build a strong foundation by understanding and studying the game – and to keep making the right decisions over and over again. This is actually a very tricky part of the game because very often you can do everything right and still end up losing – for months at end even, this gives rise to a very testing time where a player finds himself asking a lot of basic questions about this career choice. As hard as it may be to believe or digest, this part of the game – called variance, is unavoidable. It’s going to happen at some point, no matter who you are or how good you may be at the game. It is after all a hard way to make an easy living!” 

Back in April, Chirag secured his biggest payout ever with a massive cash of ₹25,00,000 by winning the Full House Finale on Adda52. During the month of May, Chirag shipped two INSCOOP events at as well for a combined payout of ₹10.3 Lakhs! Chirag has managed to reach the final tables of 6 live tournaments in the last 2 years, cementing his place as a formidable opponent as well as a brilliant poker player. 

  • Anant Purohit: 

Anant Purohit has been around for a long time now. Introduced to the game back in 2011 by his friend and another poker reg, Anirban Das, in their college days at IIM Ahmedabad, Anant fell in love with the game instantly. 

Back in 2019, we asked him about how he improved at the game and became a better player. He said, 

“I think the ability to define my play and strategize accordingly are playing a big role in making me do better and better each day. Also, I strongly believe in the process of learning, I watch tutorials to understand the different types of play and also closely follow national and international players at various poker events.”

In July 2019, Anant shipped the massive IOPC at Spartan Poker for his highest ever payout of ₹29.12 Lakhs! Over the years, Anant Purohit has consistently made deep runs in big events. A great example of how you can get better at something with dedication and love for what you do, Anant now has over ₹4.6 Crores in lifetime poker cash earnings

  • Gaurav Sood:

Bursting onto the scene in 2019, Gaurav Sood took the live and online felts by storm. Final table after final table, deep run after deep run and eventually shipping tournaments for fun, it was not long before he established himself as one of the biggest poker talents to come out of the country. He has managed to cross the ₹4 Crores mark in lifetime poker earnings and doesn’t seem like he’ll be stopping anytime soon. 

When asked about how he got introduced to the game, he said, 

“I was introduced to poker in my first year of college (2013) by my cousin brother Shreyas and him, my school friends and I started playing ₹10 cash games, and then played a bunch in our same friendly quorum with gradually increasing stakes up to ₹500 buy in.”

He shipped the 1CR. GTD Baazi Poker Tour Online for his highest cash payout of ₹18 Lakhs in January and has consistently been performing at the highest level in the following months of 2020. 

Gaurav also has a great mix of PLO as well as No Limit Hold’em titles in his trophy cabinet. 

It’s safe to say that the PokerShots team is a huge fan of Gaurav Sood. 

  • Ashish Ahuja: 

Ashish Ahuja started playing in 2011, being introduced by one of his friends and improved as he played low stakes cash games and watched poker shows online. 

Fast forward 9 years, Ashish Ahuja is one of the best players in the country with over ₹4 Crores in lifetime poker earnings. His highest  cash payout came when he shipped the massive ₹1.5CR. GTD Millionaire on Spartan Poker for a payout of ₹11.55 Lakhs! 

Not only in India, he has played multiple international tournaments as well, most recently being the WSOP 2019 where he cashed in 9 events and reached the final table of a $600 buy-in event! 

One of the most consistent and experienced players out there, Ashish Ahuja has earned our respect as well as that of his fellow poker colleagues. 

We are absolutely delighted with the work ethic and consistency of these 4 players and they are certainly superstars in our eyes! The PokerShots team is always looking out for the best and brightest in the industry and we love to see the game reaching new heights in our country everyday! 

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PokerShots’ 4 Indian Poker Superstars

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