5 Fun and Easy Childhood Card Games To Play During Quarantine

Most of us have played a lot of different types of card games growing up. PokerShots has a cool list of card games for you which we used to play during our childhood for you to play during quarantine and refresh/relive those memories! We all used different names for the games but once you read the rules you’ll understand!

1. Memory:

One of the most popular card games, memory is a game for all ages! You’ll need two or more players to play this game. Let’s go over the rules.

Childhood Card Games

  • Shuffle and place the cards, spread, and place them face down on the table.
  • With kids, you’d probably want to lay down the cards out in a grid format to make it easier for them to remember where the cards are.
  • The objective is to find matching pairs. The player needs to remember where the cards are when they’re turned over.
  • Players take turns turning over two cards.
  • The player who finds the matching pair gets to keep it and play again.
  • If not, the play passes to the next player.
  • It ends when everything has been paired up and removed.
  • Each player will then count the number of cards they have collected.
  • The player with the most pairs wins!

2. Crazy Eights:

Another one of those games which we found challenging and still causes confusion is the Crazy Eights! You’ll need 2-4 players to play this game!

Crazy Eights Poker Game

  • Deal the cards.
  • If there are two to three players, each player gets seven cards. If more than three players, each player gets five cards.
  • The remaining cards are set to face-down in the middle to form the draw pile.
  • Take the top card from the draw pile and place it next to it to begin the discard pile.
  • The player on the dealer’s left must match the top card on the discard pile in number or face.
  • If the player doesn’t have a match, they can play an eight and name the suit in play.
  • Eight can be played on any card and the person having it can nominate a suit.
  • If a player has neither a match nor an eight, then draw a card until they get one.
  • The person with no cards left, wins!

3. Sequence

Another game which required a good amount of attention and was a lot of fun! Generally suited for 2-5 players, let’s check out the rules


  • The cards in this game are ranked in numerical order and face order. A sequence is when cards are in order of the same suit.
  • Deal the entire deck, face down, to the players.
  • It’s all right if some players have an unequal number of cards.
  • The player on the dealer’s left should place the lowest card in their hand face-up.
  • The player with the following card in the sequence of the same suit plays next.
  • Players continue playing until they get the ‘Ace’ of the suit.
  • The last player starts the next sequence by putting out the lowest card.
  • The player will get another turn if a player plays a card that cannot be followed.
  • The player with no cards left wins!

4. Sevens:

Also known as Fan Tan, Parliament, Card Dominoes etc., Sevens is a very fun game best played with 2 or more players! Let’s go through the rules.


  • Deal the cards, face-down in a clockwise manner to all the players.
  • Players must sort their cards into sequences in each suit.
  • The player with the ‘7 of Diamonds’ starts the game by putting down the card in the centre.
  • Each player adds a diamond card to the sequence.
  • This can go from either from lower card to a higher or vice versa.
  • If the sequence is going up, the cards must be placed to the left of the seven.
  • If the sequence is going down, the cards must be placed to the right of the seven.
  • Similarly, a new sequence can be started if other players have a seven of another suit.
  • A player can skip their turn if they do not have a card to play.
  • The player to use all of their cards, takes home the W!

5. My Ships Sails:

A really fun, fast-paced and an easy to learn the game, it’s best played when you have at least 4-7 players.

My Ships Sails

  • Each player is dealt seven cards face down. The remaining cards are not required.
  • Each player has to collect seven cards of the same suit.
  • The cards of the player must be hidden, sorted by their suits, and they have to decide which suit they should collect.
  • The player can change their mind on which suit will be collected as the game proceeds.
  • Each player puts an unwanted card face down on the table. The player on the right side must pick up this card.
  • When a player’s hand has one suit set, they must shout, “My Ship Sails!”

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5 Fun and Easy Childhood Card Games To Play During Quarantine

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