Anish Juwarkar Ships The 2020 DPT Xpress February ₹5k Burn N Turn Event!

The 2020 DPT Xpress February Burn N Turn Event took place on the 27th of February with a starting field of 197 entries. Anish Juwarkar was one of the favourites to take home the title and he didn’t disappoint. 

Entering the Final Table with a stack of 180,000, Anish was one of the short stacks and 8th on the standings. People who play poker understand how hard it is to compete with a short stack. Anish has been playing the game for over a decade now, and he had to use all of his experience to get through what was an exciting Final Table with the likes of  Niyut Shah, Dhaval Doshi, Karan Mehta and eventually Rajat Singh in a Heads-up battle to whom he was behind in chips as well. He grinded to claim back the chip lead and went on to secure his first DPT Xpress title. Anish had reached the final tables of the last two DPT events and he was finally able to get a taste of victory. 

An ICM deal was struck between the final 5 remnants of Final Table.  As per the deal, Singh assured himself the lion’s share worth ₹1.58 Lakhs. Dhaval Doshi (₹1.37 Lakhs), Clinton Fernandes (₹1.28 Lakhs), Anish Juwarkar (₹1.08 Lakhs) and Karan Mehta (₹98,200) divided the remainder of the prize money. 


The Crucial Double Up 

The game was being played at a frantic pace and that continued even at the final table. In the second hand of the Final table, Anish Juwarkar went all-in for close to 175,000 with pocket 3’s and got insta called by Anuj Laddhad who woke up with pocket Kings. 

The Kings were a massive 4:1 pre-flop going up against pocket 3’s. But it wasn’t meant to be. Anish flopped a 3 and took down the pot to earn his double up!  


The Bubble

Prashant Jain Bhutoria was the victim of bubbling out the final table. He went all in with pocket 7’s and lost to the A 10 of Clinton Fernandes, who was on a roll with doubling up just moments ago from Anish Juwarkar. Bhutoria burst the bubble in 11th place earning him a payout of  ₹23,000.
His elimination was followed by the formation of the 10 handed final table. 


The Heads-Up Battle

Anish Juwarkar went into the heads-up battle with a stack of 835,000 against Rajat Singh’s stack of 1,735,000. The turning point came with a sick cooler. Anish shoved with his AJ against Rajat’s pocket Kings. But Anish was destined to win the title. He was able to turn a Straight and got himself a commanding lead against the now short stacked Rajat Singh. 

The Final hand of the tournament played out with Rajat shoving KQ suited and Anish called with his pocket 7’s. A seven on the flop saw Juwarkar’s hand improve to a set, winning him the title and the DPT Xpress trophy!Singh walked away with ₹1,58,800 for his runner-up finish, while Juwarkar took home ₹1,08,700 and the title!

The 2020 DPT Xpress February Edition ₹5k Burn N Turn Event was an exciting affair. Anish Juwarkar deserved to win the title but props to all the players who competed and the production team into making the event such a success!


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Anish Juwarkar Ships The 2020 DPT Xpress February ₹5k Burn N Turn Event!

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