Arjun Pasricha Ships 2CR GTD FTS Main Event for INR 40L

The India Poker Championship announced the Final Table Series at the start of the month. The massive 8 Crores guarantee was enough to create a healthy buzz around the event which was to be hosted on Spartan Poker. The Final Table Series was also live streamed on YouTube! The winner of the Main Event would receive not only the first place payout, but also an incredible 18K Gold and diamond studded Medallion along with an INR 10 Lakhs sponsorship from IPC, certificates and hampers!

Winners of FTS feature tournaments won a Gold Medallion along with certificates & hampers. Winners of other FTS tournaments received a Silver Medallion, certificates & hampers. The action kicked-off from 16th-23rd November. This means that it’s time for the Final Table Series wrap up! Let’s take a look at how the feature tournaments and the Main Event went down!



First up was the massive FTS #2 Kick-Off event with a guaranteed 40 Lakhs prize pool. The tournament received a total of 797 entries (397 entries + 400 re-entries). With a buy-in of INR 5500, 79 places were paid with a min. cash of INR 13,600. The tournament was shipped by the one and only, Arsh ‘BigggTymeR’ Grover. He won himself a payout of INR 7,67,600 as well as an 18K Gold Medallion along with certificates & hampers. Anonymous player, ‘Mr.Bean’ secured second place and won a payout of INR 4,81,600!


The second massive guarantee was the FTS #5 Monster Stack. The tournament boasted an INR 70 Lakhs guaranteed prize pool. At a buy-in of INR 11,000, the tournament received a total of 649 entries (341 entries+308 re-entries), 71 places paid and a min. cash of INR 26,600!

Siddharth ‘PeterPunter’ Singhvi shipped the massive event and earned himself a payout of INR 11,55,504 while anonymous player ‘SaiKrishna Pande’ came second and won a payout of INR 8,51,200! 


Next up is the INR 1 Crores GTD FTS #8 Big Game. First of three, Crore GTD FTS events, the Big Game received a total of 452 entries (256 entries+196 re-entries) at a buy-in of INR 22,000. 47 places were paid and a min. cash of INR 57,000 was on the table as well. Dhirendra ‘dhiru91’ Kumar won the massive tournament for a payout of INR 19,49,000 by beating tough competition in Kartik ‘TheInternetKid’ Ved who won himself INR 12,38,000 for finishing in second place!


The big one, FTS #11 Highroller boasted a guaranteed prize pool of INR 1 Crore at a buy-in of INR 80,000! The tournament received a total of 156 entries(93 entries + 63 re-entries) with a min. cash of INR 1,83,690 and only 17 places were paid. WSOP bracelet winner, Aditya ‘SuperuSer’ Sushant shipped this massive event, however, he had settled for a deal with Raghav ‘thatssosick’ Bansal guaranteeing them both massive payouts of INR 20,97,449 and INR 20,78,857 respectively! 

Aditya Sushant said that he could not wait for another of these events!

“It was a lot of fun. Quite different from the norm. Live structures and buy-ins of IPC somewhat replicated. Can’t wait to do this again.”


The INR 35 Lakhs GTD FTS #14 Headhunter received a total of 292 entries (153 entries+139 re-entries) at buy-in of INR 16,500. With 31 places paid and a min. cash of INR 25,696, the tournament generated a massive prize pool of INR 43,80,000! Taking home the lion’s share, Siddharth ‘schemer77’ Karia shipped the event for a payout of INR 9,50,529! He beat none other than Ashish ‘Spewushhhhiiiii’ Ahuja heads-up who ended up earning himself a payout of INR 4,15,000 for second place.

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Siddharth Karia loved the format of the Final Table Series and was pleased with his victory. He said, “Loved the FTS experience, shoutout to the organizers for the wonderful structure, The time banks and blind intervals were longer and the Final table streams were energetic. Lets enjoy the process and  keep this going”


The FTS Main Event boasted a gargantuan guarantee of INR 2 Crores. The event featured two flights, 1A and 1B and received a total of 700+ entries at a buy-in of INR 35,000! 87 survivors made it through to the all places paid Day 2 and a prize pool of INR 2,08,96,000 was generated from the 700+ entries.

Let’s take a look at the final table standings before the start of the play

Shivang Yadav RegularPlaya 82,53,607
Kanchan Sharma Midge Maisel 56,78,473
Jasveen Rajindersingh Saigal Ponkey 20,50,536
Rahul Rana RRa6ul 18,46,811
Shrey Maheshwary godzplan 15,83,690
Sivarama Nagendra Vadlamani SorosDruckTudor 14,38,356
Arjun Pasricha lol this guy 13,10,825
Dhirendra Kumar dhiru91 6,92,702

It came down to Arjun ‘lol this guy’ Pasricha and Shivang ‘RegularPlaya’ Yadav as they fought for the first place payout and the massive prizes that accompanied shipping this event.

The final hand played out between the two was a pretty standard 3-bet shove and a call scenario. Arjun (15,685,676 chips) opened his 9♣9♠ and received a 3-bet shove from Shivang (7,169,324 chips) who had 5♠ A♦. Arjun called the all-in and hit his 9 on the flop almost sealing the deal there and then. Shivang bricked out on the turn and the river.

An incredible run on the final table saw Arjun ‘lol this guy’ Pasricha take home the massive payout of INR 40,01,584! Shivang ‘RegularPlaya’ Yadav came second and earned himself a payout of INR 24,90,803!

Here are the final table payouts of the 2 Crores GTD Main Event

Arjun Pasricha lol this guy 4001584
Shivang Yadav RegularPlaya 2490803
Dhirendra Kumar dhiru91 1782429
Kanchan Sharma Midge Maisel 1379136
Jasveen Rajindersingh Saigal Ponkey 1086592
Sivarama Nagendra Vadlamani SorosDruckTudor 850467
Rahul Rana RRa6ul 628969
Shrey Maheshwary godzplan 432547


The Final Table Series also featured a Leaderboard of INR 30 Lakhs Bonus Money! Here are the final payouts for the same

Place Player Prize
1 BiggTymeR 10L CHP BM
3 strangeplay 4L CHP BM
4 PeterPunter 2.2L CHP BM
5 bob_marley 1.8L CHP BM
6 schemer77 1.6L CHP BM
7 trailblazera 1.4L CHP BM
8 TiltAtma 1.2L CHP BM
9 Shippament 1L CHP BM

This spells the end of the Final Table Series by India Poker Championship on Spartan Poker. Congratulations to all the winners and everyone who made it big!

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Arjun Pasricha Ships 2CR GTD FTS Main Event for INR 40L

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