Board Games You Can Play With Your Friends On Your Phone

All those long hours of grinding can be really stressful and harmful for your body to some extent. You need to be fresh and level headed when you register for a tournament. It’s always a good decision to take a break when you’ve been running bad or grinding for too long. 

With the mobile gaming experience reaching new heights during the lockdown, games like PUBG and Call of Duty are not ones which you can play with everyone, for instance, your family. Here we have a list of 5 cool board games which you can play on your phone with your family and friends! 

Ludo Talent: 

Luda Talent is a modern take on the classic Ludo game. It has a Magic Mode which gives you power-ups ingame. These include +1, Barrier and Dice. This makes the game way more interesting and lets you play in a more strategic manner. However it does have a normal classic mode as well! The game also has a voice chat feature! 

Unfortunately, this game is only available for Android users and not on the App Store for iOS. 


One of the greatest board games of all time, Chess, is the perfect game app to have in your phone. It’ll help you to stay engaged and keep your mind sharp. You can download any version of the game on your phone on Android or iOS. 

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Fleet Battle: 

Another version of Battleship, a game which we have all played or seen at some point in time. The game dictates you to place your ships around the map and try to sink your opponent’s in order to win the game. The first one to do so wins the game! The game also has an ingame chat feature! 


A variant of the classic board game Monopoly, Rento is another popular choice to play with your family and friends. Buy, manage and sell properties in order to have the biggest advantage to be the last man standing! Rento is available for free unlike Monopoly. The game also allows you to set custom rules in order to make the game more interesting. 

Game Of Life:

Another classic board game app on mobile. In this game, you need to spin the wheel, cover the board distance (living your life by making decisions at each and every turn) and at the end have the most money left in your empire. It is a fun and quirky game that you will like playing, due to the endless number of decisions you can take to influence your in-game life. 

However, the game is not free. It costs INR 200 on Play Store and App Store, although the price does keep fluctuating. 

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Board Games You Can Play With Your Friends On Your Phone

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