BPT ’20: Ashish Ahuja wins Kick-Off; Gangadhar Raaj leads FT in Big Bounty

The BPT 2020 Edition witnessed its first series opener INR 10K Kick-Off Event declaring a winner. Ashish Ahuja took down the Title with a grand prize of INR 6.18 Lakhs, eliminating Sriharsha Doddapaneni to 2nd place. The INR 15K Big Bounty Event also happened to create a 9-handed Final Table with Gangadhar Raaj in a commanding lead!


INR 10K Kick-Off

The BPT ’20 Edition brought a total of 286 entries in the series opener INR 10K Kick-Off Event. This turnout crashed the original prize pool guaranteed to INR 26 Lakhs, paying out the top 32 places with a min-cash worth INR 23,700 towards the end. And taking home the lion’s share of the amount (INR 6.18 Lakhs) was a renowned name in the poker circuit, Ashish Ahuja.

The 10K Kick-Off happens to be the first LIVE event this year of the BPT Series’ 3rd edition. Along with announcing the winner of the Kick-Off Event, the 15K Bounty Event also took place the same day with a winner to be declared today!


Coming back to the Kick-Off recap, Ahuja was in a heads-up battle against the former WPT Champion, Sriharsha Doddapaneni who was at the top most position among 13 finalists for Day 2. Ahuja managed to stack up skilfully and eliminated six players in the process along with Doddapaneni eventually who landed in a runner up position with INR 4,16,700 in prize money.


This is Ahuja’s second recorded live title after he took down the INR 20K Bounty title at DPT in February 2018.


Rajat Sharma (14th for INR 35,500), Shivam Jain (16th for INR 30,400), Vikram Kumar (19th for INR 26,000), Ashutosh Balodhi (22nd for INR 26,000), former WSOP champion Aditya Sushant (24th for INR 26,000) and Raghavendra Hada (26th for INR 26,000) were few of the many known ITM finishers.


Final Table Chip Counts

  1. Sriharsha Doddapaneni – 915,000
  2. Ashish Ahuja – 730,000
  3. Nishant Sharma – 725,000
  4. Chirag Sodha – 595,000
  5. Bikash Rai – 440,000
  6. Phanindra Akkina – 310,000
  7. Vaibhav Shah – 305,000
  8. Vikas KN – 270,000


Heads-up, it was Ahuja commanding the chip lead with 26.90 Million in chips as against Sriharsha Doddapaneni’s 16 Million.

In the final heads-up, Ahuja had a commanding lead of 26.90 Million in chips against Doddapanenin’s 16 million. It didn’t last more than two hours for Ahuja to win the title, when in the final hand Ahuja opened to 80K on which Doddapaneni jammed for 1.1 million. Ahuja called with Ax 10x and Doddapaneni tabled Kx Jx. The board brought an ace for Ahuja, securing with it his first BPT title!

Final Table Results (INR)

  1. Ashish Ahuja – ₹6,18,200
  2. Sriharsha Doddapaneni – ₹4,16,700
  3. Bikash Rai – ₹2,68,000
  4. Vaibhav Shah – ₹1,94,900
  5. Chirag Sodha – ₹1,48,400
  6. Nishant Sharma – ₹1,191,00
  7. Vikas KN – ₹98,900
  8. Phanindra Akkina – ₹79,300

INR 15K Big Bounty

The second event of the BPT schedule – the INR 15K Big Bounty took place yesterday at 4PM, registering 193 entries to collect a prize pool of INR 17.56 Lakhs. 

Progressing to Day 2 with a commanding lead would be Gangadhar Raaj with a stack of 535,000. In the previous BPT, Raaj picked up a total of three scores, including two final table cashes in the INR 15K Kick-Off and INR 20K Big Bounty for INR 85,200 and INR 3.15 Lakhs respectively. 


Rounding up the top three stacks were J.Raju with 481,000 and Deepanshi Tomar with 406,000.

Bobbe Suri (307,000), Abhishek Rathod (261,000), Nishant Sharma (232,000) and Chirag Sodha (218,000) are among the few notable stacks of the day. 

The top 24 places were guaranteed payouts with Myron Pereira becoming the unfortunate money bubble tag as he got eliminated by Chirag Sodha in 25th place. Jyoti Ranjan Nayak was the first player to finish ITM and was eliminated in 24th place for INR 19,500.


Other notables crossing the money line are Gokul Krishna (11th for INR 39,400), Kunal Patni (12th for INR 65,400), Anuj Yadav (18th for INR 27,000) and Ritesh Khatwani (21st for INR 35,200).


Final Day Action will now resume at 2 PM today where all the nine players will come back for Day 2, with an assured min-payout of INR 40,400. The ultimate winner will take home a grand prize of INR 4.30 Lakhs!


Final Table Chip Count:

Seat Player Chip Count

1 Anmol Srivats 163,000

2 Nishant Sharma 232,000

3 Chirag Sodha 218,000

4 J Raju 481,000

5 Abhishek Rathod 261,000

6 Deepanshi Tomar 406,000

7 Gangadhar Raj 535,000

8 Bobbe Suri 307,000

9 Kshitij Kucheria 286,000

BPT ’20: Ashish Ahuja wins Kick-Off; Gangadhar Raaj leads FT in Big Bounty

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