Casinos Closed Indefinitely Because of Lockdown Extension in Goa

The novel outbreak has caused all non-essential industries to shut down for the time being. Businesses have been under extreme pressure and stocks are dropping everyday. The state of Goa has been in lockdown since around mid-March with only 7 positive COVID-19 cases reported. There have also been no new cases in the state since the 4th of April which is very positive news. Despite being relatively safe from the pandemic, the state government is taking no chances. They have decided to extend the lockdown of business establishments and casinos for an indefinite period of time.

On Saturday, Health Minister Jose D’Sa issued an order extending the closure of establishments like casinos, schools, nightclubs, etc., until further notice. The order was issued under the provisions of the Epidemic Act, 1987, and comes just a day after the Union government permitted local-area shops to open for business.

The nationwide lockdown had already caused the casino industry to incur huge losses. With the lockdown being extended for this and other non-essential sectors, it would result in a more torrid time for the families and people who worked in the sector.

Manish J. Adnani, Business Head (Poker) Delta Corp., got in a conversation with PokerGuru about this issue. He said,

“Nations Health first, so definitely we need to adhere to whatever is required from that perspective.”

He refused to answer any questions about the casino business, called it a very tough time for the live poker scene and also said that he doesn’t see any forward movements in poker till November.

Chirag Sodha, the PokerBaazi LIVE room operator also had a few words with PokerGuru. He said,

“It’s definitely not the best news, but I totally agree with the lockdown extension for places like casinos. It’s in the interest of the people and is a necessary step in ensuring the safety of everyone across the state,”

He Also Talked About the Positive Effect on the Online Poker Community the Lockdown has had. He said,

“Well, online series have already been scheduled on, and I believe all operators are doing the same. Our staff is well and healthy, and that’s the important thing, I am personally in touch with them regularly, and for now, we have told everyone to just worry about staying safe, and nothing else.”

Live poker is going to be out of fray for a considerable amount of time now. Online poker will have to carry the poker mantle for now

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Casinos Closed Indefinitely Because of Lockdown Extension in Goa

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