How to Choose Among the Best Poker Sites in India

With the growing popularity of online poker in India, the search for the best poker sites has amped up in the country. New players are excited to join the Indian poker community, however, there are certain features and attributes that one must look for in poker sites to determine your experience in online poker.

The considerations may differ from player to player, so we shall focus on the most indispensable attributes of the best online poker sites in India that makes them trusted and reliable among poker professionals.

We say, if you are new to poker, take note of these features to guarantee yourself a safe, secure and profitable ride in online poker in India.

Safe and Secure 

A major reason of anyone being interested in poker is the scope and potential of this industry that has given birth to poker champs across the word with thriving careers. So, where there’s money at stake, one must ensure the safety of playing on poker sites in India. 

To ensure your money is safe, note that credible and best poker sites feature an SSL certificate to secure any information between the client and the server through high-end data encryption. This includes your financial, personal data including login details and any other information shared by you with the portal. Moreover, note that the best reliable poker sites use popular and legit payment gateways such as Paytm, UPI and Netbanking options for online transactions. 

Fair Play

Fair play is a concern for any player who is invested with passion towards the game. This is guaranteed by a Random Number Generation (RNG) software that performs random shuffling and distribution of cards to avoid any discrepancy in the game. The best credible poker sites ascertain this by displaying their RNG certificate on the website to mark their credibility as a poker site. 


In India, in many states, poker still lives in the grey zone due to the contention regarding its legality. To keep matters simple, the Supreme Court of India and many high courts states that games that include game theory and in which the element of skill dominates the element of chance is a game of skill and hence, legal.

Poker is a game of skill that surpasses the element of chance by a fair degree as it requires expertise on skills such as Mathematics, Statistical Analysis, Logical Deduction and Reverse Psychology as well as basic game theory. Hence, it is legal to play poker on any online poker site in India.

However, the state laws of Assam, Gujarat, Orissa and Telangana prohibit cash games of any kind in their region. As such, feel free to play poker on the best poker sites as long as you do not belong to these states.


If you wish to enjoy poker, a key feature that makes any online poker site tick in India is its software. Let’s take an example here of a popular Indian poker site called PokerBaazi. The poker platform features an impressive user interface with clean features on an app that’s lightweight and seamless to support uninterrupted gaming under all circumstances. 

Plus, we found it’s in app chat options and hilarious emojis to be an add-on element that further elevates your gaming sessions. 

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Promotions are excellent incentives especially for new players who are looking for a head start in online poker. This can be in the form of welcome bonuses, deposit codes and even Loyalty Rewards that are typically offered by the best poker sites in India. In this regard, one of the best Loyalty Programs you will find in the industry today is PokerBaazi’s Loyalty rewards Program.

It’s actually worth the mention for new players who are in search for the best poker sites with amazing giveaways. Check it out.

  • Baazi Loyalty Rewards is PokerBaazi’s lifetime Rewards program for players of all stakes
  • It is applicable on cash games of poker of all stakes, so players are free to pick a table of their choice and be a part of the program.
  • Earn Reward Points on each cash game to unlock different levels of the Reward Program.
  • Baazi Rewards feature 20 levels, each containing rewards of their own kind, the bigger the level, the bigger the rewards. 
  • Players can win premium prizes such as Macbook Pro, PlayStation 4, flagship smartphones like iPhone 11 pro, One Plus 8 Pro and luxury rewards like Toyota Fortuner, Honda City, Royal Enfield, Vegas Premium package, Euro Trip and real cash prizes worth 3LAC.

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Such features can only be found on the best credible poker sites of India. We say you do take note of these features and choose your destination wisely so that you can play safe worry-free poker in India.

All the best !!! 

How to Choose Among the Best Poker Sites in India

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