Coronavirus spread leads to a temporary shutdown of Macau’s Casinos

Chief Executive of Macau Ho Lat Seng, said the gambling industry would close for two weeks due to Coronavirus, but warned that could be extended if the virus continues to spread. The closure would be applicable with immediate effect across all 41 of Macau’s casinos. 

It’s recently come to notice that the Macau government has sent out a mandatory closure of all casinos for a minimum period of two weeks which can extend depending on the seriousness of the whole Wuhan Coronavirus situation.

Ho Lat Seng, Chief Executive of Macau announced recently at a press conference that the very measure had to be taken to prevent further spread of the Coronavirus. This closure is applicable with immediate effect across all 41 of the territory’s casinos. He also stated that the closure period may go into months if required in order to contain the virus spread.

Presently, there are 10 confirmed cases of the Coronavirus in Macau with seven imported and three local cases of which one is a member of the Galaxy Macau casino staff. Ho has called upon the casinos to keep their workers’ welfare in mind and not lay them off of cut salaries during this health crisis. The overflow of these measures will affect public services and the chief executive has advised the general public to stay indoors as much as possible during this time.

All these developments have affected China and Macau majorly. The Macau Gaming Bureau (DICJ) released information about a fall of 11.3 percent year-on-year in Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) in January. One can only hope that a cure for the pandemic spread will be put in force pretty soon in order to combat the disease and the virus.

Macau used to be the hub of poker until recently when Chinese government decided to stop all forms of poker. The Red Dragon series used to be held here a few times every year and was one of the highlights of the Asian tournaments. Now, all forms of gaming will be on a halt due to the announcement by the Chief Executive.

Coronavirus spread leads to a temporary shutdown of Macau’s Casinos

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