7 Dating Lessons I Learned From Playing Poker

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Which means it’s time for some hard facts. Believe it or not, it’s hard to find someone who appreciates you when you’re grinding poker 7-8 hours a day! Aside from the fact when you’re interacting with people in live poker rooms, playing poker is a solitary affair and doesn’t allow you to build a proper rapport with women. Even if you do find someone to talk to, it’s not like you’re going to be talking about poker concepts like fold equity or triple barrel bluffing. However, you can apply some general poker concepts in your dating life! 

7 Dating Lessons That You Can Learn While Playing Poker

Reading Your Opponents or Your Date

A lot is talked about reading opponents in poker. A lot of which is overrated like reading facial tells, nervous tics and gulping. However, you can learn a lot about people through their body language or betting patterns. Betting patterns will definitely not apply to dating but body language will! 

Some of The Obvious Signs That a Woman is Into You Include

Points her feet towards you (opposite: not facing you). – Subconsciously touches (fixes) her hair. – Leans in to talk to you. – Finds excuses to touch you. – Looks at your lips. – Turns her palms up (opposite: clenched fists). – Puts her arms by her sides (opposite: crosses her arms). These indications might mean that she’s into you! 

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Focusing On Making Good Decisions Is Better Than Focusing On Results

It’s clear that no two people are alike. Someone might be impressed by your charming personality while some might think that you’re a people pleaser and try-hard. In this case, it’s important not to overcompensate. Instead, focus on being the best version of yourself and making smart decisions on dates. This is something that you can learn from poker. People have a strong tendency to base a lot of their decisions on winning or losing. The problem with tying your self-worth to wins and loses is that poker has a luck element to it, where poor cards, bad beats, and unpredictable opponents can make for rough individual sessions. When it comes to poker, the mathematically correct decision is the right one! Dating isn’t quite rigid but you cannot control all factors such as someone’s personality, tastes, dislikes etc. in every single date. It’s about going into each date with an open mindset and being true to yourself. 

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Hone Your Skills

Thankfully, it doesn’t take long for one to realise in poker that you cannot win at poker by simply making crazy bluffs or sheer luck. Long term profits are only possible when you study and analyse the game. Some of the basic poker concepts that you must learn to improve include: table position, hand odds, poker pot odds, bluffing, bet sizing, and creating opponent profiles.  Analysing your own game after sessions is also very important to realise where you went wrong or what you could have done differently in a particular situation. In dating, you can work on yourself like physically, improve your texting skills, improving your appearance or working on your social media game! 

Change Your Playing Style According To The Situation

Many poker players have a fixed way of playing anywhere they go. But once you start gaining experience you become more comfortable in different fields. This all stems from knowing your own playing style. So that you can shift and pivot accordingly to fit the situation. The same flexibility should be used in the dating world when you find a woman that you like, and immediately get a read on her personality. Like I mentioned in Point #2, about staying true to yourself, it’s better not to mention some things if you’re around someone who’s more conservative and introverted than you. You can resist talking about topics that may not bode well for the future. 

Good Bankroll Management Is Always Important

Without proper bankroll management, you cannot play poker or won’t survive, no matter how good you are. This is something that you can apply on your dates as well. It’s not about trying to impress your dates by spending lots of money on clothes, apartment decorations or taking expensive vacations. Bankroll management is really important and it’s essential to stay within your means when you meet a woman or a man and go on a date!

Keep Your Poker Face On and Stay Calm 

There is a well known concept in poker called tilt. It’s basically when you’ve lost a big hand or luck isn’t on your side on the day and you start making rash decisions. It is no different in dating. Here’s how things might go wrong: 

  1. She tells you what she does for a living.
  2. You forget and ask her later in the date what she does.
  3. She gets agitated and gives you attitude.
  4. You start giving her attitude back and drinking more, which leads to further unsavoury behavior.

This could ruin a potential relationship so it’s better to keep your cool and stay calm. Even if things are not going great due to a conflict, the best thing you can do is to admit your mistakes and roll on with the situation until after the date is over. Poker and dating don’t have a direct correlation but if you’re a poker player, you can certainly use some concepts that you learn from the game in your dating life! 

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7 Dating Lessons I Learned From Playing Poker

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