Episode 1: Quarantine For A Poker Player

Thursday 19th, March
New Delhi

On his way back from office, Kovid ‘KKcowboysKK’ Khan, is on his phone with his friends who’ve been making fun of his name because of COVID-19 and making plans with his friends to play a live session of poker at night. With the coronavirus outbreak around the world and growing concerns in India as well, everyone has been given work from home from the next day and everyone is excited to hang out.

Kovid Khan is a poker reg, who has played and cashed in multiple live poker tournaments in Goa and around the world. He had a flight booked for the upcoming poker events in Goa on the 21st of March but everything has been suspended or postponed. Live events had been shifted online and Kovid couldn’t help but feel extremely annoyed and sad.

While talking with his friends, news comes out that there has been another positive case found in Noida where most of his friends lived. This was the final straw. Panic was starting to take over. The government was restricting movement outside. Shops were closing down, public meetings were being cancelled and anyone who was to be found not complying with the rules would be arrested.

For someone who loved playing on live stages and casinos, there was no option left for Kovid but to open his computer and login into online poker platforms. For someone who doesn’t have a lot of experience in online poker, Kovid decided to try out small cash games and low GTD tournaments. The quarantine also gave him a chance to keep on studying more and more about the game and that’s what he did.

He advised his family to take all the necessary precautions to reduce the risk of getting infected and started to grind low stakes and take online poker courses. Soon, he found out how great it was to apply theoretical knowledge of the game practically while playing against players online. He learned more about player profiling than he ever did in all his time on live tables.

There was chaos and panic in the world because of the coronavirus outbreak but being a smart and responsible person, Kovid knew that other than following the prescribed instructions laid out by the government and healthcare organizations, there was nothing he could do. This made him fully focused on becoming a better poker player and he continued with grinding through hours and hours of cash games and small stake tournaments. He knew poker was going to be the only thing that’ll help him get through this social distancing period of loneliness and boredom!

Stay tuned for Episode 2, only on PokerShots!

Episode 1: Quarantine For A Poker Player

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