Episode 2: The Life Of A Poker Player After Lockdown

Friday, 27th March
New Delhi

It’s been one week since the lockdown. Kovid ‘KKcowboysKK’ Khan has barely left his room the whole week. He has been eating, sleeping, grinding poker and repeating. It wasn’t a really healthy lifestyle. This realisation came to him when he woke up one day with his back hurting and he felt extremely tired. It was time to start exercising to keep his body in sync with his mind. He realised that it is very important for anyone who wants to play poker professionally to maintain their bodies as well as their minds. A healthy body gives you confidence and helps you to maintain your concentration levels for longer periods of time.

After continuously grinding small stakes cash games and tournaments for a week, Kovid felt good about the bankroll which he had built. Being a relatively experienced player, he knew the importance of bankroll management. Considering all the affecting factors, he felt comfortable with himself taking it to the next level. It was time to up the stakes and play against the regulars and participate in harder tournaments.

With the cases of coronavirus continuously rising in the country, the online poker scene had seen a major increase in the number of players. Every tournament was receiving more and more entries, making it increasingly difficult to win tournaments. Kovid was studying new topics and learning more about the game on a daily basis. He was consistently trying to accommodate new strategies and playing styles in different types of games such as PLO or No-Limit Hold’em. Kovid felt really confident going into the second week of grinding and it was not long before he was finally able to crush a 50K GTD tournament, making his way through a field of over 600 players and earning himself the 1st place prize of ₹12,500. It was his biggest payout since he had started playing online poker and he felt extremely satisfied with the kind of poker he played throughout the tournament.

Kovid felt proud of himself. He had not let the loose style of online players affect him. He was able to maintain discipline and consistently found good spots to bet and won marginal hands. The first tournament win had opened the floodgates for him and he was ready to start making some serious money by playing the most profitable tournaments.

It was time to be featured in some of the biggest news and media websites and magazines covering the Indian poker scene!

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Episode 2: The Life Of A Poker Player After Lockdown

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