Exciting Offers on Pokershots

Online Poker in India is booming! There is a plethora of websites offering different sign-up and deposit bonuses. Spartan Poker is one of the best online poker websites to deposit and earn real cash online! They offer great sign-up deals for anyone who wishes to earn some cash.

Spartan Poker is offering a FREE ₹1000 SIGN-UP BONUS which consists of ₹100 in Game Bonus and ₹900 in Locked Bonus. Use the code PS1000 and get ₹1000 in your Spartan Poker account instantly!

24/7 running Freerolls worth ₹31,000 are up for grabs on Spartan Poker! Their interface is considered to be one of the best out of other online poker websites in the country. Spartan Poker supports multiple formats of the game; Texas Hold’em, PLO as well as OFC. They also give you a chance to play high stakes tournaments which are running throughout the day. 

If you wish to earn real money by playing poker, look no further than Spartan Poker

Use our code PS1000 and get a signing bonus of ₹1000 in your account! 

To know more about upcoming deposit codes and news about the booming poker industry in India, read Pokershots.co and keep grinding!

Exciting Offers on Pokershots

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