Exclusive Interview with Poker Boot Camp Coach Tanay Hargunaney

In the series of poker tournaments in India, after India Poker Championship (IPC), Baazi Poker Tour (BPT) and recently concluded World Poker Tour (WPT), we have interesting poker news coming up where you can not only learn how to play poker but also earn while you’re at it. Quite unanimously established as a mind sport, poker is spreading its wings through numerous online poker portals and live poker rooms in India. 

Playing poker is no joke. Good analytical skills and thorough practice of poker game rules is the only way to tame this beast. That should not intimidate you as some of the best online poker sites in India are here to teach you how to play poker games and master them. Two  of the renowned professional poker pros of India – Poker Dangal Team Pro Tanay Hargunaney and another Abhishek Goindi who have taken this initiative of poker education to the upcoming poker players in the country.

In a telephonic conversation with Pokershots correspondent, we got an opportunity to have a quick chat with Poker Dangal Team Pro Tanay Hargunaney to understand about his great initiative of Poker Boot Camp and its benefits to all poker players.

An engineer from IIT Patna with a combination of analytical skills and logic about the game, Hargunaney completed his education in Computer Science. By this time poker had a prominent role in his life starting with 100 and 200 Rs buy in games during his college days. He is truly a cash game grinder with immense knowledge about the game. Showing off some kick-ass moves at various poker events and poker contests, the IITian has been in the news since 2014. Thanks to his amazing poker strategy! Soon he joined Microsoft, but poker was only in his mind and heart, then he made the most important decision to quit his high paid job and become professional poker player.

Here is an exclusive interview with the Poker Boot Camp’s Tanay Hargunaney, with all information of the Poker Boot Camp: –

Thank You Tanay, for your precious time, can you please tell us about what poker camp is all about and what is the agenda of the initiative?

The idea came up sometime prior to the India Poker Championship, 2019 where I met my fellow poker players and we were discussing poker education/coaching, how we can promote or give quality poker players to the country. As Abhishek Goindi moved to Goa earlier this year and I moved to Goa too sometime back and we have been in discussions of how to grow poker and coach on how to play poker online and offline. Now we both are poker coaches in general. And for the poker boot camp, Goindi is for tournaments and I am for cash and Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) games. We have tried to come together and bring up a new platform where aspirants can learn how to play online poker tournaments and online cash games in India, and how to win online poker tournament. poker coaching and promote poker education in the country. Poker is a sport but to promote we need another aspect/channel so promoting poker education is the one thing, we thought to bring it out in a structured manner which includes you have a proper course and tell you what to study about.

What are the criteria to be a part of the boot camp?

There is no criteria to be a part of the boot camp, we want such a poker player who is hungry to learn and ask questions, doubts to ask. As a coach, I feel students should ask as many questions as he can because there is only a limited number of things from my side as a coach which I can explain to them but more they ask is better for them to which I will be telling more information. So I need people who are hungry to learn more and give their best in poker.

And a hungry poker player can enroll themselves with INR 49,000 for the boot camp for 7 to 8 days which includes the stay where book the whole villa for all these days, meals, basic necessities are provided in the villa along with local transport. So if we are booking the villa at the time of any live event series the students can play the live by themselves or they can grind online from the villa itself.

Past achievements…

Rishu Singhal played his first live tournament ever in the IPC and he made his first cash too in the first event itself. He started grinding online on Adda52.com and made good finishes also shipping one or two events. We have Saumil Krishnani popularly known as Sam Krishna came second in the Baazi Poker Tour Kickoff.

In this season we had Maqsood Peera who is playing tournaments for a while now but he came and studied with us and he came 20th in the WPT Bounty event out of 265 entries. And we also had Yudhishtir Singh Rathod who cashed BP’s Main Event. With these tournament players, we also had other cash game grinders who played at the event and came up with good results.

Any poker pros will be joining for the Boot Camp and their role?

At present, poker boot camp has Abhishek Goindi and myself, we are looking to see how we can take this ahead in the industry and how we can grow this in the community. As Poker Boot Camp is new to the community and it is new for us too. We will make mistakes and learn from it and make sure we improve for the betterment of the camp. It’s a slow process but we have our vision set.

How helpful this Boot Camp will be for the participants?

Good you asked this question because nowadays people think about poker study is that they have to study ranges, 3-betting or some topic in poker but many people forget that even tilt and mental game management is another thing and we also work on the mental game with these players as I work with one on one and also in a group session wherein we try to get them in a zone before going into the tournament, we try to build up their goals for the day also the goals for the entire series or the trip. We tell then what they have to achieve at the end of the trip and how they have to achieve and mentally condition them at each milestone what they have achieve and how you are going to cover it. These are the things we have worked on their mental game and goal setting.

Any message for our readers…

For the upcoming poker players, you need to put study volume a lot and you have to push yourself a lot and you have to put grind volume a lot on the tables, come back from the study of the table again and it’s a back and forth process and that you are going to grow and you will make lot of mistakes and you have to learn from your mistakes this is what I have learned myself, I had made mistakes, you learn from the mistakes, rectify those mistakes and get back on the tables.

All the best to all the Poker Boot Camp coaches, stay tuned with Pokershots for more news updates and exclusive interviews.

Exclusive Interview with Poker Boot Camp Coach Tanay Hargunaney

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