Goa’s Casino Policy Delayed Until Further Notice Amidst COVID 19

Back in 2012, the Goa Public Gambling Amendment Bill was introduced by Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar which stated that,

“no person other than a tourist shall have entry to the place or area where game/games as authorized under section 13A are actually conducted.” 

The Bill also read that a Gaming Commissioner will be appointed to monitor the operations of casinos and see whether anyone is breaking any rules or not. 

The impending issue has once again been delayed as the current Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is looking for a detailed discussion about the rules. One of the senior commissioners has said that the decision will be taken once the COVID-19 situation gets under control. 

In August 2019, Sawant stated that casinos are for tourists and some of them visit Goa only to play. 

“Goans should not go to casinos. I agree with this. We will fix a date after this date no more Goans will be allowed in casinos. Give me some time.”

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Goans were banned from entering the casinos from February 1st except for the employees. The commissioner will have the power to make an inspection at any time and ask for identity proofs in both offshore and onshore casinos. 

The senior officer also informed that the documentation of rules about the appointment of gaming commissioner was sent to the law department but later recalled and sent to the CM for approval. 

“After discussion with the chief minister and his final approval, the file will once again be sent to the law department for vetting before it is notified,” the official said.

Sawant has said that until the rules have been approved and amended, tourists will not be stopped from entering into casinos, however, if Goans are found in casinos, strict action will be taken. 

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Goa’s Casino Policy Delayed Until Further Notice Amidst COVID 19

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