Easy Guide to Play Texas Hold’em Poker in Hindi | Learn How to Play Poker for Beginners.

Welcome to an easy guide to play Texas Hold’em in Hindi. Powered by PokerShots, this is a specially crafted five-minute video tutorial for all beginners who are looking to learn this popular card game online.

How To Play Poker

A live or online Texas Hold’em Poker game usually seats up to 9 players. The ‘Pot’ (a certain sum of money) is invested into the table before any cards are dealt among the players. This part is called ‘Posting the Blinds’ because the first two players have no clue about what cards are going to be dealt to them. Hence these forced bets are also called ‘Blind’.

Next up is the Dealer who sits at the centre of the table shuffles a standard deck of cards and distributes two cards to each player in a clockwise manner. This player is marked by a round disc called ‘Dealer Button’ that rotates clockwise from the first Dealer, one player at a time.

The first player to the left of the Dealer is called the Small Blind and he puts up a certain amount of money on the table. The player sitting next to him is called the Big Blind and he puts an amount that is double the Small Blind. After this, all players are dealt two cards each (both facedown) called ‘Hole Cards’.

The Essentials:

A standard deck of 52 cards (no Jokers)

At least 2 players

Poker chips or substitutes

Poker Hand Rankings- Highest to Lowest:

Before we begin to play Texas Hold’em or any other form of poker, let’s have a look at the different variations of hand rankings starting from highest to the lowest rank. Please note that the following list of poker hands is considered universal and is followed without exception in all variants of the game.

Royal Flush

This is the best and the rarest poker hands to play for. Scoring a combination of Ten, Jack, Queen, King, Ace all from the same suit means you’ve got a perfect Royal Flush! It is the topmost and unbeatable hand. However, it is also just as rare to score one- its probability of occurrence is merely 0.000154% (odds are 649739:1).

Straight Flush

The second-best in the list of poker hands is a Straight Flush, which comprises five cards of the same suit in a sequence. A player with this combination may only lose if any of the opponents hold a Royal Flush. The probability of getting a Straight Flush is 0.00139% (odds are 72192:1).

Four of a kind

Four of a Kind is the third-highest poker hand sequence. It is a set of any four cards of the same number or rank and the 5th card of the hand can be anything. Four of a Kind is also widely referred to as ‘Quads’. The probability of hitting such a rare combination is 0.240% (odds are 4164:1).

Full house

A combination of ‘Three of a Kind’ along with a Pair in the same hand gives you a Full House. It is the fourth-highest hand on the list of Poker Hand Rankings. In the case of two players having a Full House, the player with the highest rank of Three of a Kind wins over the other player with a Full House. In the following example, Player 1 wins the hand while player 2 loses the hand.


Five cards of the same suit but of any rank making a hand are referred to as a Flush. It is the fifth-highest hand in poker. The probability of hitting a Flush is 0.1965% (odds are 508:1). There is a significant possibility of more than one player having a Flush at a time. In such a case, the player with the highest-ranked card is the winner.


A Hand with five cards of the same suit in sequential order i.e. consecutive cards. A Straight is the sixth-highest hand in the Hand Rankings. The probability of having a Straight is 0.3925% (odd are 254:1). In the case of two players with a Straight, the player holding the highest ranked straight is declared the winner. In the example given below Player 1 is the winner, since Player 2 has a Jack high Straight while Player 1 has a King high Straight.

Three of a kind

The seventh highest hand in the list of Poker Hand Rankings is three cards of the same rank along with any two non-matching cards. A player with Three of a Kind wins if he/she hits Trips or a Set. The major difference between Trips and a Set is when a player holding a pair hits Three of a kind on the board, it is said to be a Set, whereas a player hitting Three of a Kind with a pair on the board and one pocket card is said to have Trips. The probability of hitting a Three of a Kind is 2.1128% (odds are 46.3:1)

Two pair

A hand with one pair of any rank and the second pair of any rank other than the first pair along with the fifth card of a random number makes Two Pair. Two of a Kind is a very frequent winning hand since there are 123,552 possible combinations and 858 distinct ranks.

One pair

A player holding three random cards and two cards of the same rank. There are 1,098,240 possible combinations and 2860 distinct ranks of One Pair hands.

High card

When you have none of the above, but you hold the highest-ranked card in your hand, an ace being the highest and two being the lowest. High Card is the last in the list of Poker Hand Rankings with no possible combinations.

Betting Rounds and Dealing With Cards:

A poker player can take one of the following actions during their turn to play:

  1. Check

    When you decline to participate in the bet. This action can only be taken when there’s no ongoing bet in the current round. This continues clockwise to the next person. If all the players check then the round is complete. Always Check if you have it as an option.
  2. Bet

    When you add an amount to the pot, it’s called a bet (ANY amount in No-Limit Hold’em). Once a player chooses to bet, the remaining players are left with one of the three following options:
  3. Call

    If a player calls, it means s/he’s matching the amount of the bet in the current round.
  4. Fold

    By choosing to fold, a player drops his card and gives up the amount that he contributed in the pot initially. For that round, the player will not win or act again once he has decided to fold. As hard as it may sound, this is one of the most important aspects of the game and mastering this may take a lifetime.
  5. Raise

    When a player puts more chips into the pot, it’s called a Raise. For other players to stay in the hand, they must Call or Raise again. Of course, the betting rounds would differ from one variant of this card game to another.


  1. Pre-Flop

    Begins as soon as all players receive their Hole Cards, but no community cards are revealed.
  2. Flop

    On the flop, three community cards are dealt followed by a round of betting.
  3. Turn

    Another round of betting takes place after the fourth card is dealt on the turn.
  4. River

    The fifth card is the final card that follows a final round of betting for that hand.