Indian Govt. Ready To Offer Jobs To Students In Online Gaming!

The Union Education Ministry is planning to offer job opportunities to Indian students who are interested in being a part of the gaming industry. The ministry has actually announced that they will be organizing a national level hackathon on online gaming!

Online gaming being one of the most active hobbies in the world and in the country currently, the initiative is a part of the Prime Minister’s ‘self-reliance India’ mission.

Apart from the free training for online gamers, the government agency wants students to go through a special training. The gaming efforts and initiative is part of ‘Kala Utsav’ theme, an initiative where students are encouraged to use art in education.

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The hackathon proposed by the organization is going to be vital in terms of recognizing and realising the amount of talent our youth has in gaming. Whether it is developing games or playing online, this is certainly a brilliant opportunity for us to make the most of our incredibly talented youth.

The government initiatives and proper plan will lead to some development in this space. It will be interesting to see the kind of opportunities opening up for new talent after this.

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Indian Govt. Ready To Offer Jobs To Students In Online Gaming!

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