Learn Poker Online with The Poker Bootcamp!

The Poker Bootcamp is an interactive learning platform that helps new and existing players to build their poker knowledge and gain vital information about the nuts and bolts of poker and how to use them while playing!

Poker is a skill-based game. It requires people to constantly work on their skills and build strategies on how to work out their way through the toughest decisions. It is almost like a never ending process and the Bootcamp provides them with just the right environment to learn about the game.  The Bootcamp provides holistic training, bankroll management, mindset building, trackers, group sessions and one-on-one coaching as well. Taught by some of the best and most experienced players in the country such as Tanay Hargunaney and Abhishek Goindi, possibly the best player in the country. The campers made their first live appearance after the Bootcamp and they all ended up reaching the Final Tables of some notable tournaments. Here is a list of their results:- 

1. Vivek Karwa

  • DPTxPRESS ₹10K Bounty (1RE) 

Position –   5th

Win Amount – ₹40,500  

  • IOPC #43 AFTERNOON HI-FI 4L GTD at Spartan Poker

           Position – Runner Up

           Win Amount – Not Shared

2. Anish Juwarkar

  • DPTXPRESS Burn n Turn Event 

Position –  Winner

Win Amount –  ₹1,08,700* (5-WAY DEAL)

3. Radhika Shankar

  • DPT Xpress Main Event

Position – Third Place 

Win Amount – ₹2,80,000

With the spread of coronavirus currently hindering all kinds of social gatherings, the Bootcamp is planning an online module, so you can reach out to them through Facebook or Instagram handles. Also, they are launching an online course so that everyone can stay safe.

The best part is, you can register yourself right here.

The Poker Bootcamp has brought through some gems into the Indian Poker scene. The team at PokerShots hopes that the Poker Bootcamp can be an even bigger success and keeps helping new and upcoming players into becoming better versions of themselves as poker players!

For more information about the Bootcamp and the poker industry, keep reading PokerShots!

Learn Poker Online with The Poker Bootcamp!

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