The India Poker Championship (IPC) is India’s biggest and most popular poker tournament which has been operating on the offshore casinos of Panjim, Goa since March 2010. Usually, the championship lasts 4-6 days featuring tournaments with buy-ins ranging from INR 10,000 – 1,00,000. The IPC’s Main Event which takes place once a year is an annual highlight in its poker calendar. The winner of this prestigious Main Event is crowned the ‘India Poker Champion’ for that season.

The IPC is the brainchild of Peter Abraham and Sameer Rattonsey who follow the game with utmost passion and have been playing poker for a while now. In 2013, they were joined by two other stalwarts from the domestic poker circuit, Rajeev Kanjani a well-known player and founder of the Aces Unlimited brand of tournaments and veteran poker club operator Amin Rozani joined Abraham and Rattonsey to make this one of the most dynamic and innovative teams in the country’s ever-growing poker industry. Their main goal being – providing Indian poker players with a world class poker experience at the IPC; they firmly believe it’s time for India and the subcontinent to make its presence felt on the global poker map and they want the IPC to be the stepping stone that will propel Indian players to great success on the world poker circuit.

This team is all set to launch another just as amazing edition of the IPC at the Big Daddy Casino in Goa! Poker enthusiasts from every corner of the country will come down to the city of Casinos this January to participate in the highlight event of the Domestic poker calendar!

IPC 2020 will be a 6-day event beginning from 14th January till 19th January with an amazing GTD of 5+ Crores.

What’s best is that for this edition of IPC, the winner of the Main Event will be crowned as the ‘India Poker Champion’ for that season and also gets a sponsorship of 20 Lacs for the year and an M.S. Dhoni limited edition Panerai luxury watch worth 6.67 lacs on top of all the winnings!

Here is what the IPC stalwarts have to say about the IPC 2020 and poker’s dynamic in the country:

Co-founder Sameer Rattonsey talks about IPC being one of the oldest live poker tournaments in India-

“I’ve started the brand almost a decade ago. It’s wonderful to see the kind of growth that IPC as a brand had and that is squarely dependent on the growth of the domestic players in India. The game is rapidly getting into the mainstream consciousness of the younger players and they are the ones who are driving the growth.

The idea with the IPC is to go bigger & better with every edition. We started with guarantees in the tens of lakhs and today we are giving guarantees in multiple crores. 5+ Crores for the upcoming Jan event is a clear indication of how far the industry and the players have come. They keep instilling their faith in the IPC brand and we try to deliver the best player experience possible. All of these factors are responsible for the huge turnouts that we get.”

Co-founder Peter Abraham talks about IPC 2020/ live events happening in the same month-

“We wanted to kick-off the new year with a big bang and the thought of doing both the LIVE IPC and the online IOPC made a lot of sense. It gives players a chance to experience both sides of the brand – one by coming to Goa and participating in the live events and also by getting to visit Goa as a tourist destination, so that’s a nice thing for them to do away from the tables. As far as the IOPC is concerned, that too has grown over the last several editions we have done. With more than 16 Crores being offered in IOPC Jan, it is, without doubt, the biggest online series in India.

We will be felicitating and honouring these winners the next time around when we do the IPC awards next year. It should be record-breaking on both fronts- IPC and IOPC.”

(L-R) Amin Rozani and Rannvijay Singh at IPC 2019

Speaking with Amin Rozani on IPC 2020 awards & celebrities, he said-

“Poker as a game has become very popular especially in the last 3-4 years. You have players from every walk of life, involved in the game. Especially with the convenience of online poker, people who have smartphones are able to play this game on the go 24/7. All of these convenient things have allowed a lot more people to participate and as a result, you have so many more winners in the live and online spheres. We are celebrating and honoring their victories in the India Poker Championship Awards 2020 for the year that has gone by. We hope to have a lot of celebrities at the award ceremony. Some of the expected ones are Rannvijay Singh, Anita Hassanandani, Dino Morea, Kunal Khemu, Karan Patel, Gursimran Khamba and Aditi Bhatia amongst many more.”

Rajeev Kanjani speaks on the IPC tournament experience and about the ongoing goal of bettering it-

“We have always tried to provide an improved player experience with every edition that we do. No matter the fact that all of us have been the core IPC team & have been in the industry for more than 10 years, there is always a constant learning curve! We try to incorporate feedback from the players along with our own learning into the next edition we do. Players had mentioned that they would like a bit of a deeper structure, so we have tried to incorporate that as far as possible. Working with such player feedback along with input from our TDs and of course, our own experience, we have tried to create structures across the board in a way that will appeal to players and give them maximum play.

Our association with ‘Moneycontrol’ seems quite natural. People who play poker and people who follow the financial markets on platforms like Moneycontrol are very keen & interested in maths, numbers, and logic. So, we are extremely glad to have a renowned financial brand like Money Control being a part of the IPC as a presenting partner & we look forward to associate with them.”

It should be a fantastic week of poker on-board the Big Daddy Casino at the India Poker Championship. If you still haven’t done so, register for the IPC 2020 TODAY!


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