Mukesh Ambani looking to enter the Online Gaming Market?

The online gaming industry in our country is growing rapidly everyday. Whether it is Fantasy games, online poker or rummy, we have seen an exponential growth in the industry. Therefore, this could be a really big investment opportunity for the richest man in the country, Mukesh Ambani.

The CEO of Microsoft Corp. Satya Nadella in a conversation with the Chairman of Reliance Industries, said that, “There is huge potential” when talking about the potential growth of the gaming industry in India. Furthermore, he said that gaming may not be accepted and understood currently, but there is massive potential for future growth in the coming decades.

Since entering the mobile data and broadband sector, Jio seems to have already made efforts to support the gaming industry. Ambani claimed that gaming could potentially be bigger than television and movies as well. “For many of us who don’t know what gaming is, it is very hard to imagine, but gaming will be bigger than music, movies and TV shows put together.”

India has a gargantuan gaming market in terms of users, playing time and also the number of downloads per game. Reliance has 380 million users currently which is expected to rise to 850 million in the next 2 years with their 4G technology. Ambani didn’t make it certain whether they’ll be entering the gaming industry or not, but it makes it a very exciting time for gaming lovers. 

2019 was the year when Reliance unveiled the Jio Fiber set-top box that supports gaming as well as entertainment experience. The Directors of Reliance Jio, Akash and Isha Ambani, also made a live demonstration and said that the Jio Set-Top Box would be parallel to the leading gaming platforms from all over the world. Akash Ambani also played FIFA 19 in order to show that the console supported multi-player gaming as well. 

With Jio entering the foray, with Microsoft and Google already positioned there, it could turn out to be a very exciting time for gamers not just in India but around the world as well.

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Mukesh Ambani looking to enter the Online Gaming Market?

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