One-on-one with IPC 100K HIGHROLLER Champion Anmol Srivats

Maths is in his blood, Anmol Srivats, holds an immense passion for the mind sport that is poker and wins big! The Bangalore-based poker player is now taking control of his life as he wins the recent India Poker Championship’s (IPC) 100K HighRoller – his biggest LIVE title till date and advises young poker players to be well-disciplined at the same time possess the willingness to study and grow with every poker hand and each tournament.

Anmol Srivats is a name you’d have probably heard in the poker circuit. He is in fact just a regular kid who studied Maths at the University of St Andrews in the UK and spent five years in the US. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that Anmol happens to be an up and comer in the Indian Poker Circuit and has $1 Million in recorded online cashes. This young Bengaluru-based player is an accomplished online pro, has a unique style of playing and can be fearlessly aggressive on the felts. 


Recently, Srivats took down the 100K HighRoller at the IPC 2020 Series January Edition for a hefty prize worth 39.37 Lakhs after striking a 3-way deal with his final table peers. While he has a lot of experience of playing poker professionally, his victory in the IPC High Roller event was his first-ever major live title!

Anmol Srivats was a mere teenager when he first indulged himself into the field of poker. He mainly started playing poker because of WSOP videos and enjoyed the game theory since it had a whole lot of Math bit infused in it, which felt like an outlet to express his creativity in a much-organised manner. Indeed, his decision to play poker came as a surprise to his family initially and were a bit apprehensive towards it, but they’ve now come around to the idea of him winning big and learning better in the field. And of course, the HighRoller win really helps to base his passion for the game!

Srivats has been in the news too! Back in 2017, he paid off his entire student debts while studying at the St. Andrews University in Scotland by earning £80,000 in poker winnings. He began playing online poker when he was just 15 and built up the nerve to go out into the real world and play LIVE tournaments while being a Math student at the same time. Initially, he partially funded his education with poker money and had big dreams of winning millions of dollars while watching WSOP episodes on TV, although it’s much harder to bag that kind of win, he still worked hard and improved at his game, every step of the way to maximize his earnings. He got lucky with winning a tournament that had 20,000 participants with an entry fee of $11. He ended up winning $20,000 and eventually decided to play some more high-stake games. Instead of spending his earning on something reckless, he paid off his college education fee!

Something that exasperates Anmol Srivats is when people take up extra time for no apparent reason on the poker table. With the ever-growing poker boom, players have been getting into the habit of spending hours and hours of making the right call and end up extending the game till a long period of time, which has become a problem for the players who intend to play logistically, conserving time with every move they make. Of course, the HighRoller win for him has been the biggest so far and he believes that Spartan Poker has been doing really well in terms of tourney structure and deposit bonuses, therefore providing good rakeback deals. 

Does the Math kid have any pre-game rituals? Maybe not, but sometimes he likes to completely induce himself into a calm/relaxed headspace on big days, even if it means starting a tad bit late. Some day he’d like to sit with the poker pro and PLO expert – Naman Madan and have his every question on poker answered for him. Now wouldn’t that be a dream come true!

When asked if he wouldn’t have been playing poker currently, Anmol states he’d either be into Trading or in Data Science. He believes there are a lot of similarities between it and poker.

Anmol’s message to other young players: “If you do it like a job- in a disciplined way including studying, it’s a good thing. If it’s a way to boost your ego, find something else. To paraphrase Dan “Jungleman” Cates, each poker hand is basically asking you the answer to a math question, so it requires a lot of discipline/studying, but should not involve how you want to feel.”


The Rapid Fire Round


Who’s your celebrity crush?

Anmol: Abhineet Jain


What is your biggest/weirdest fear?

Anmol: Too many!

Which Netflix/Bollywood character do you relate yourself with?

Anmol: Dr. House


What’s the weirdest question you’ve been asked?

Anmol: Nothing is off limits



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One-on-one with IPC 100K HIGHROLLER Champion Anmol Srivats

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