Online Poker Searches Take A Huge Leap On Google Search

March 2020 resulted in the whole world going into lockdown due to the novel coronavirus situation affecting every country in the world. During that time, online poker and poker searches saw a significant increase in Google searches which was predictable, while the new data suggested that the trend will continue for the foreseeable future. 

In March, Google searches for ‘online poker’ peaked its graph since 2013 as people flocked over to the online poker platforms because of the suspension or shut down of casinos and live poker rooms. 

Although there has been a little dip in the searches over the last month as the lockdown restrictions ease, platforms and websites in India as well as international sites, have seen a significant rise. One such name is partypoker

The amount of searches for ‘partypoker’ has risen by 12% between March 25 and March 29 compared to the previous week, demonstrating that the trend is far from fizzling out. PokerStars also reaped the rewards of the lockdown but struggled to keep its numbers up after the end of their annual SCOOP series. 

However, when it comes to international platforms, while revenue from poker is almost certainly up since the lockdown began it’s worth noting that one of the main sources of income for poker operators is sports betting, which has effectively come to a halt due to the lack of sporting events.

With German Football and the English Premier League returning to the screens, this should spur a type of sportsbook boom that could in turn further increase liquidity on poker platforms.

Overall, we expect that the lockdown has done wonders for the online poker industry, it’s going to be hard for casinos and live poker rooms to get back up after the COVID-19 situation steadies across the globe. 

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Online Poker Searches Take A Huge Leap On Google Search

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