The year 2019 in the poker calendar has been an intense one. As we look forward to the start of a new decade, let’s look back at everything that happened this past year. We’ve curated our top 4 interviews of 2019, featuring industry leaders, big winners and upcoming players in the poker circuit.

2019 has seen it all! The poker industry saw a myriad of poker enthusiasts, fanatics, players and viewers all around the world, feeding their passion and love for a beautiful sport grow into something deeper. It was an amazing and intense year for the poker circuit and Pokershots was right by your side, bringing forth all the best of online and offline poker news concerning latest poker tournaments – national and international, series wins, rising stars of poker and most of all, exclusive scoop of young and established poker pioneers. 

Here we’ve curated our top four interviews of 2019 which include poker players, leaders and big winners of the poker industry this year:

Anant Purohit – Super High Roller by Spartan Poker July 2019 Winner

Based currently in Vizag as Operations Head in a private firm, Anant Purohit has been crushing Live and Online Poker on a daily basis. Purohit is giving us poker goals to balance work life ad poker life with great wins in the past year. His tryst with poker started in 2011 during his college days in IIM Ahmedabad where he was introduced to this mind sport by another tourney lover and a renowned poker player, Anirban Das. We also saw Purohit traveling for international events like the EPT Sochi and APT Manila that happened this year along with grinding online as well. 

The Pokershots team got in touch with the main man and asked him about his journey throughout the game, his strategy and had fun while playing some rapid-fire questions about his likes, dislikes and more. concerning the game.

You could go through the entire interview right here.

Chirag Sodha – Winner of several tournaments hosted by PokerBaazi, Spartan, PokerStars, etc. 

Hailing from Bangalore and currently living in Goa, Chirag Sodha has been in the limelight for more than a year now, although he has won several major tournaments in the year 2019 itself, playing over both at the LIVE and online felts impeccably. After studying in Coimbatore and completing his undergrad from London, Sodha saw sports like snooker and poker becoming prominent in the country and even more, becoming a major part of his life. He experienced the game first-hand during his college days where he used to play small cash games at casinos in London. He believes that they key for his consistency is to build a strong foundation by understanding and studying the game and to keep making the right decisions over and over again. 

Sodha has been the backbone of the recently renewed PokerBaazi LIVE in Casino Pride 2, Goa and has been working tirelessly to bring the game in its entirety to the masses. From our exclusive conversation with him, we get to know about his journey in poker through all the struggles, failures and achievements he’s experienced in the industry and his life so far.

You could go through the entire interview right here.

Abhishek Goindi – Poker Sports League Captain & India Poker Boot Camp Co-founder

Abhishek Goindi has been in the news for more than a while now, especially when it comes to his poker journey. Being one of the earliest Indian professionals making news on the global poker circuit, Goindi has been one such player who’s played a key role in promoting poker in the country. Ranked among the top pros in India, this talented pro has been consistently performing amazingly well in the industry and his consistency can be judged by the fact that he finished ITM more than 10 times in the IPC. He has won a huge number of national & international tournaments – live and online and has coached many kids to play poker across the world. He is the captain of Poker Sports League and being in a mind-sport industry Goindi is working closely with the God of Cricket, Sachin Tendulkar for a year and a half in sports management. Despite doing so many things, he’s also the co-founder of India Poker Boot Camp, coaching esp. PLO for online and live tournaments along with launching the first ever Big Stack University dedicated to poker education.

We got in touch with the ‘jack-of-all-trades’ where he spoke about his journey as a poker layer with us along with being an industry expert and a mentor for newbies.

You could go through the entire interview right here.

Tanay Hargunaney – Poker Dangal Team Pro and Poker Boot Camp Coach

Since we’re on the subject of mentoring beginners and new kids on the poker block, Tanay Hargunaney is a name that wouldn’t go unnoticed. Hargunaney along with Goindi took this initiative of poker education to the upcoming poker players of the country and are making it big. When we got in touch with the Poker Dangal Team Pro, we were nothing short of astonished to hear about this great initiative and the benefits players were receiving because of this. 

Hargunaney is an engineer from IIT Patna, who possesses a combination of analytical skills and logic about the game. He completed his education in Computer Science and tried to infuse the very knowledge he gained in his poker skillset. Showing off some kick-ass moves at various poker events and poker contests, the IITian has been in the news since 2014. He joined Microsoft, but poker was only in his mind and heart, then he made the most important decision to quit his high paying job and become a professional poker player for good!

Stay tuned with Pokershots for more news pieces, latest offline and online tournament updates and exclusive interviews on the poker industry’s rising stars.


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