Poker lifestyle brand “The Big Stack” all set to launch India’s first online poker university

Poker and India have never been on the same page. This story is as old as time. Before prejudicially dumping it as gambling, there’s lot to know and understand about poker and poker strategy. Poker has been validated as a game of skill even though money is involved in the same. There are numerous online poker sites in India where you can learn how to play poker before you even start playing poker games online or offline.

Even though live poker games are hosted in casinos, it cannot be dubbed as a game of mere chance. In fact, Indian laws clearly state that any competition which substantially depends on skill cannot be termed as gambling. And, poker is one such game that has time and again proved itself as a game of skill. However, the Indian constitution also puts gambling as a state subject. On one hand, there are states like Karnataka and West Bengal where the game has received legal status. On the other, Gujarat, Assam, Odisha, and Telangana strictly don’t allow any kind of activity related to these games. Thereby, limiting live poker rooms in India.

The advent of internet and smart phone, though, seems to have given a new direction to online poker tournaments and online cash games in India. As a result, dozens of online poker portals offering a plethora of poker promotions accompanied with some amazing poker deals can be found at your fingertips. Having said that online poker portals also have stringent screening in place, to make sure nothing is outside the Indian poker rules. This has eased things a lot for people who are looking to play poker online. All you need to do is download online poker app and avail online poker bonus offers and promo code right away! You can play poker online plus keep yourself abreast with the latest in poker events in India and across the globe. Play at some of the best poker tournament anytime, anywhere, absolutely hassle-free. This in a way has come out as a new ray of hope that can one day make poker another official sports to be played across India.

And the newest achievement for the poker industry is the announcement of India’s first online poker university. Yes you heard it right, Poker themed online lifestyle brand The Big Stack has announced that they are going to launch the first online poker university for players who wish to become skilled at the game and desire to become professional players. The details are yet to be made public, however, it has been informed that the students will be educated by a team of three coaches, comprising of skilled poker player Abhishek Goindi; lawyer turned poker player Prabhat Kiran Mukherjea and one of India’s renowned female poker player, Pratibha Arya.

Poker is already a part of the curriculum of various top universities in the west like Harvard, Yale and MIT along with that in IIM Kozhikode in India as well. This is a step in the right direction. This not only will help the players who want to become pros. But, will also build a bridge that will help inform the rest of us about the game and hopefully changing the way the game is treated right now in the country.

Poker lifestyle brand “The Big Stack” all set to launch India’s first online poker university

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