Poker Scene Review: In Time 2011

In Time was made in 2011, the ill-fated time for online poker due to the events of Black Friday. Starring in the film is Justin Timberlake, however, this poker scene doesn’t really add up to his resume’s highlight reel!

The scene is a 5-handed game, all men, all around the age of 25, the nominal age which humans have been frozen in time at thanks to genetic advances that have been made in this movie’s particular universe. People can only die if killed, that is unless their ‘time’ runs out. Each human is given only one year to live from the age of 25, but true to life if a little far-fetched, the rich hoard all the time just as they hoard money in reality.

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Justin Timberlake’s character is suddenly tasked with saving humanity while his own life-clock starts to run down like a ticking bomb of superimposed light on his forearm. This is where we switch over to the poker scene where Justin’s character is in the game of his life where he has bet his last few years whereas the other players are privileged enough to play for a few millennia they have spare.

With the first four cards on the board reading 7-Q-5-J, we join the action as Timberlake calls away his final 50 years yet somehow manages to gamble up to the point where he stands to either win 1,100 years or lose his life. As the river pulls off a 6, the opponent turns over two Queens, showing a set of Queens on the flop. JT casually turns over 8-4 offsuit, telling us that he was literally prepared to gamble away his life on a gutshot!

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Timberlake wins the pot, of course, and having 1,100 years to play with, helps save humanity. They’ll have been delighted, not least because it means that they’ll be able to take Timberlake’s time at their leisure if he continues to chase gutshots!

It is most definitely a pretty bizarre movie, and a classic movie poker scene where the reliance of the hero on his luck goes completely unpunished!

We advise you never to bet your life on a gutshot! You can check out the scene from the movie 

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Poker Scene Review: In Time 2011

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