PokerBaazi and PokerBootCamp India To Hold A Live Mental Health Session

PokerBaazi in association with Poker Boot Camp India have announced a Facebook Live session on the topic of ‘mental health at the felts’!

The 60-minute program will be hosted by Abhishek Goindi, poker coach and co-founder of PBCI, with celebrity psychologist Dr Nisha Khanna, who is a certified EQ coach and Baazi Care Expert.

This endeavour comes at a time when the country faces an incredible boom in online gaming services and engagement and as an extension of PokerBaazi’s commitment to responsible gaming. The company hopes those watching will be able to use the tips to gain greater control of situations during the challenging COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Nisha Khanna says, 

“A mentally healthy person is better able to deal with real-life situations in a much more calm and controlled way. In the prevailing scenario, people are witnessing a sudden increase in their stress levels, therefore I personally feel that such platforms will help us to initiate the conversation on mental health and allow us to help many around us. Besides, gaming is also a great way to facilitate people to manage their mental state. It fulfils a person’s need of competence, autonomy and relatedness thereby instilling a sense of confidence and positivity.”

PCBI Co-Founder Abhishek Goindi also said that, 

“I believe in mind over matter! This initiative by PokerBaazi and Poker Boot Camp India is aimed at helping and guiding poker players across the country to deal with mental challenges that are never addressed but are a huge hindrance to one’s growth in this beautiful mind sport.”

The Founder and CEO of Baazi Games, Navkiran Singh also added that,

“Mental health has always been an extremely imperative subject to focus on, and given the way the global situation is unfolding, the subject occupied even more of a hot spot. In the wake of the current series of events, we really wanted to emphasize upon the relevance and application of mental strength in our daily lives. With this session being conducted by professionals, we are confident that we will be able to impart some understanding to the people around and assist them to have a better control over their mind while playing poker or beyond the game.” 

One of the biggest gaming platforms in the country, PokerBaazi is known for poker but this is a great step to spread awareness about an issue which is not usually brought up in the poker industry. After all, poker is a mind game and a session like this with an expert could help many people, not just players, to figure out some mental issues they may be facing. 

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PokerBaazi and PokerBootCamp India To Hold A Live Mental Health Session

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