PokerBaazi announces April PMVS with 2.1+CR GTD

There’s going to be No Fooling Around this April!

PokerBaazi is coming out with a special PMVS event with an enhanced prize pool of over 2 crores to get our heartbeats pumping faster than ever starting from 1st April!

With the current self-isolation/quarantine routine everyone has to deal with, the PMVS is the perfect remedy for us poker players to get our juices flowing and make some serious money!

The PMVS is said to have an enhanced prize pool of 2+ crores! There is also going to be an extra tournament scheduled than the usual amount everyday. Special Leaderboard prizes lined up for the consistent performers as well. Some of the most popular tournaments such as The Pride, The Summit etc. are also expected to have higher GTD’s than usual. We also have information that, if possible, the value multiplier of these tournaments might be 100x or even 500x the investment by the players.

With the Grinders Series coming  to an end, the PMVS will be the perfect interlude for the upcoming END BOSS series with a 5 Crore GTD in prize pool, which starts from the 15th of April! The month of April is going to be filled with craze and excitement for all the online poker players in the country!

April is going to be an exciting time for online poker. PokerBaazi coming out with this massive PMVS event is the perfect distraction and incentive for people to stay inside their homes, stay safe and grind long hours.

Check out the PMVS schedule here:

Day Day Tournament Name Tour Start Time GTD Buy-in Fee
1st April
Wednesday Day1 PMVS#1 3 LAC GTD (8-Max) (RE) 6:00 PM 300000 1000 100
Wednesday Day1 PMVS#2 5 LAC GTD (8-Max) (RE) 7:00 PM 500000 1500 150
Wednesday Day1 PMVS#3 The Pride 15 LAC GTD (RE) 8:00 PM 1500000 3000 300
Wednesday Day1 PMVS#4 7 LAC GTD (7-Max) (RE) 9:00 PM 700000 2500 250
Wednesday Day1 PMVS#5 4 LAC GTD (RE) 10:00 PM 400000 1250 125
2nd April
Thursday Day2 PMVS#6 3 LAC GTD (8-MAX) (RE) 6:00 PM 300000 1500 150
Thursday Day2 PMVS#7 6 LAC GTD (RE) 7:00 PM 600000 2500 250
Thursday Day2 PMVS#8 HR SUMMIT 30 LAC GTD (RE) 8:00 PM 3000000 10000 1000
Thursday Day2 PMVS#9 10 LAC GTD MegaStack (RE) 9:00 PM 1000000 3000 300
Thursday Day2 PMVS#10 3 LAC GTD KO (RE) 10:00 PM 300000 1500+500 200
3rd April
Friday Day3 PMVS#11 2 LAC GTD (5-Max) WTB (RE) 6:00 PM 200000 750 75
Friday Day3 PMVS#12 DeepStack Turbo 5 LAC GTD (RE) 7:00 PM 500000 1500 150
Friday Day3 PMVS#13 FRIYAY 10 LAC GTD PKO (RE) 8:00 PM 1000000 3000+1000 400
Friday Day3 PMVS#14 6 LAC GTD (8-max) (RE) 9:00 PM 600000 2000 200
Friday Day3 PMVS#15 4 LAC GTD (6-Max) (RE) 10:00 PM 400000 1500 150
4th April
Saturday Day4 PMVS#16 3 LAC GTD (RE) 6:00 PM 300000 1000 100
Saturday Day4 PMVS#17 4 LAC GTD (6-Max) (RE) 7:00 PM 400000 1500 150
Saturday Day4 PMVS#18 The Crest 10 LAC GTD (RE) 8:00 PM 1000000 2500 250
Saturday Day4 PMVS#19 6 LAC GTD (8-Max) (RE) 9:00 PM 600000 2000 200
Saturday Day4 PMVS#20 HYPER TURBO 2 LAC GTD (6-Max) (RE) 10:00 PM 200000 500 50
5th April
Sunday Day5 PMVS#21 5 LAC GTD (RE) 4:00 PM 500000 1250 125
Sunday Day5 PMVS#22 The Monster 10 LAC GTD (RE) 5:00 PM 1000000 3000 300
Sunday Day5 PMVS#23 BSS PLO 5 LAC GTD (5RE) 6:30 PM 500000 2500 250
Sunday Day5 PMVS#24 Main Event SUPERSTACK 40 LAC GTD (RE) 7:00 PM 4000000 5000 500
Sunday Day5 PMVS#25 BSS MEGASTACK 7 LAC GTD (RE) 8:00 PM 700000 2500 250

PokerBaazi announces April PMVS with 2.1+CR GTD

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