PPL Day 4: Arjanveer Chadha ships The Bout for INR 5 Lakhs

The PokerBaazi Premier League (PPL) Day 4 was played out on 2nd of March with a total of 2091, players battling against one another to come out on top in an epic battle. PPL 2020 features the largest ever prize-pool for a 10 day online series with guarantees worth INR 7.3 Crore+ over 60 tournaments. Combined with an additional 15 Lakh in leaderboard prizes, PPL 2020 promises to be the biggest and most exciting edition yet.

  • PPL#19 (5 LAC GTD) (RE)

The (5 LAC GTD) 1500+150 buy-in  was the first event of Day 4 of the PPL. We saw some exciting poker being played. Ankit ‘akj290’ Jajodia beat a field of 410 entries and Srihari ‘bangbang999’ Bang in a heads-up battle to win a payout of INR 1,29,150 and the title! 

  • PPL#20 7-Max (3 LAC GTD) WTB (RE)

The second event, 7-Max (3 LAC GTD) received a total of 196 entries. Ujjwal ‘mr_robot’ Narwal shipped this event after beating Debayan ‘dbz19’ Das heads-up and both earned INR 94,668 and INR 66,365 respectively.  

  • PPL#21 DST (5 LAC GTD) PKO (RE)

The DST 5 LAC GTD PKO was played out amongst a total of 228 entries and some of the best players in the country. The India Poker Champion 2020 Rubin Labroo came out on top against Parikshit ‘zapdos1234’ Dhall in the final heads-up battle and secured himself INR 1,34,121. Parikshit received INR 94,107 for his 2nd place finish.

  • PPL#22 The Bout 8-Max (25 LAC GTD) (RE)

The Bout 8-Max (25 LAC GTD) received a total of 515 entries. Arjanveer ‘holdbaby’ Chadha shipped the event quite emphatically. Jayjit ‘england’ Ray came a close 2nd as he finished runner-up. Both players earned payouts of INR 5,00,322 and INR 3,50,715 respectively. 

  • PPL#23 6-Max 2 LAC GTD Hold’em Boost (RE)

The penultimate event of the day was the 2 LAC GTD. 341 entries competed for the 2 LAC prize pool. At the end, Jayant ‘hiker53’ Darokar came 1st and secured himself a payout of INR 71,610. Sandeep ‘effuno’ Verma finished 2nd and earned himself INR 50,127. 

  • PPL#24 8-Max (15 LAC GTD) (RE)

The final event of the day was the 8-Max (15 LAC GTD) . A total of 401 entries took part in this event. After a long grinding session, Priyank ‘piko1432’ Kothari came out on top and won the event. He received a payout of INR 3,15,787. Harshita ‘harshita1234’ Khemka came 2nd and received INR 2,21,051.

The Day 4 of the PokerBaazi Premier League saw some close competition and great results for all the winners. Day 4 of the PPL will be played out today. For updates and more information about PPL, keep reading PokerShots.

PPL Day 4: Arjanveer Chadha ships The Bout for INR 5 Lakhs

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