Quarantimepass:  Mitron 21 Days More

With everyone currently trying to deal with the problem of having to stay indoors, we’ve come up with an interesting list of activities you can do to keep yourself sane and happy. The list will not include studying or grinding poker online because that’s what we’ve been doing as well!

  • Exercise:

This lockdown is the perfect time to do something that most of us keep on procrastinating about. Do basic exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, planks, squats or if you have treadmills, do a couple of miles or more everyday!  You won’t get a better chance to feel good about yourself than this!

  • Learn Something New:

The best way to transform your identity is by learning new skills. You can do this by reading, studying or just simply watching! Learn how to cook, do an online course about whatever peaks your interest! We’ll be stuck inside our homes for 21 or possibly more days now and this is the best time to learn new skills and improve your personal self.

  • Give time to your Family and Pets:

We’re all part of a very social generation. This is the time to spend some quality time with our families and our pets! Play board games, paint, talk about childhood days and just simply try to learn more about your family members because the smallest efforts mean so much to our elders and pets!

  • Watch a New TV Series:

There’s always streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime to get you through this period. Here is a list of shows you can  try watching:

  • The Office US (Amazon Prime): Possibly the greatest sitcom of all time. The first season has only 6 episodes and will give you a taste of the crazy office and its employees. Michael Scott is also possibly the greatest TV character of all time. We highly recommend this binge-watch series!
  • Afterlife (Netflix): With only the first season out now, Afterlife is a heartbreaking story about a man who loses his wife to cancer and also the will to live which he now treats as a superpower and insults, says and does whatever he feels like without giving it a thought. This show will make you laugh, cry and change your perspective towards life and humanity in general. Highly recommend this wonderful show!
  • The Witcher (Netflix): The Witcher starring Henry Cavill is a story of  a mutated monster hunter who struggles to find his place in a world in which people often prove more wicked than beasts. The series came out in December 2019 and received a splendid reaction from audiences around the world. Highly recommend this show for anyone who loves Fantasy and fiction.

This point is not really a suggestion but a humble request on behalf of the PokerShots team to help fight this horrible pandemic which we’re having to deal with. There’s nothing we can do about this virus other than stop it  from spreading! And the only way to do that is to stay hygienic and STAYING INDOORS! The whole world is in this together and this cannot be stopped if we all come together and do the only sensible things which are, as stated above, maintaining proper hygiene and staying indoors!

For more information about poker, coronavirus and its impact on our community, keep reading PokerShots! 

Quarantimepass: Mitron 21 Days More

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