Sunday Wrap: A sneak peek into online poker tournaments

Sunday news on online poker in India is becoming exciting week by week. With events like SVS The Millionaire Lite ₹50 Lakhs GTD, Sunday SuperStack ₹40 Lakhs GTD, PokerBaazi’s BSS SuperStack ₹25 Lakhs GTD and many more the stakes were high and so was the fun.

SVS The Millionaire Lite ₹50 Lakh GTD

One of the most sought-after online poker portals Spartan Poker hosted the spectacular ‘SVS The Millionaire Lite ₹50 Lakhs GTD. The online poker tournament registered a total of 1,272 entries, out of which only 270 returned for Day 2. The battle went on till early Monday morning before Manmeet’ fishlover’ Oberai defeated ‘DevilHorn’ in the heads-up battle. Oberai won a hefty sum of ₹11.12 Lakhs while ‘DevilHorn’ had to settle for ₹6 Lakhs in prize money. With this win, Oberai also became the 43rd Millionaire Champion on Spartan Poker.

Sunday SuperStack ₹40 Lakh GTD

Loaded with some of the best poker tournaments, online poker portal Spartan Poker rolled out yet another Sunday tournament – Sunday Super Stack. A total of 759 entries including 319 unique, 188 re-entries, and 252 re-buys was recorded. Tournament regular Jyoti Ranjan’ joey114114’ Nayak took down the title along with ₹5.41 Lakhs cash prize.


BSS SuperStack ₹25 Lakh GTD

Popularly known as the most trusted online poker site in India, PokerBaazi had BSS SuperStack ₹25 Lakh GTD on Sunday schedule. The big-ticket event registered 557 entries (296 unique and 261 re-entries). Grabbing the biggest share from the ₹27.85 Lakh prize pool was Anmol’ anzzzzz’ Mehta who walked away with ₹5.41 Lakh cash prize and bragging rights. 


The Mega Suits ₹25 Lakh GTD

The Mega Suits ₹25 Lakh GTD from the house of Adda52 – known for offering some of the best poker games online, pulled 557 entries (307 unique & 250 re-entries). MTT specialist Sagar ‘alwaysnutz’ Choudhury, however, bagged the lion’s share of ₹5.27 lakh from a prize pool of ₹27.85 lakh.

 KO ₹15 Lakh GTD

Although the PokerStars’ flagship Sunday Special Progressive KO ₹15 Lakhs GTD was hit by a shortfall of ₹2.05 Lakhs it didn’t impact the game. The field saw 259 entries (147 unique and 112 re-entries). And, Arpan’ Vasusenaa’ Majhi defeated ‘cresthorology’ in the heads-up round to win the title along with ₹2.96 lakh in prize money.

Sunday Wrap: A sneak peek into online poker tournaments

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