4 Tips To Master Freezeout Poker Tournaments

Freezeouts are one of the most basic and popular poker tournament formats in the world. The World Series of Poker is also run using the same format. You start with a single stack of chips which basically represents your tournament life. Once you go broke, you’re out. 

Buy-ins are relatively small and you can expect to earn a massive payout if you survive the field. It’s not an easy feat and you’ll have to put your whole stack on the line several times in the tournament to eventually make it to the top. 

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Let’s take a look at 4 Tips that will help you in getting through freezeout tournaments

Play Tight Early One

Playing tight is probably the best way to start freezeouts. This is effective because weaker players will self-destruct and give you chances to stack them off with minimal risk. 

Be More Aggressive as Blinds Start To Increase

As you the tournament approaches the middle stages, your stack will start to dwindle away as the blinds increase. Avoid the tendency to survive till the bubble and try to take more advantage of marginal opportunities

Shorter The Stack, More Aggressive You Should Be

When you have a short stack, like 10 bbs, the quality of your hand becomes way less important than the opportunity at hand. Stealing and re-stealing with a high frequency may be a high-risk strategy but gives us the best shot at ultimate victory. If you want to enter the pot, simply shove because most players are going to be playing tight at this point because of ICM and you can steal their blinds or even get a much needed double up! 

Master ICM

Independent Chip Model (ICM) is the key to late stage tournament play. It’s basically used to assign a monetary value to tournament chips. To understand it properly, you’ll have to spend some time studying about how the concept of ICM influences our commitment decisions at the tournament table. Explained simply – the goal of tournament play is not to increase the size of our stack on average, but rather to maximize our monetary profits on average. Yes, there is a difference! It is possible for a decision which increases our chip stack on average, to be a losing play in terms of money, as can be demonstrated through ICM calculations. 

Freezeout tournaments are the true definition of grinding long hours on tables and when you ship one, the satisfaction you get is inexplicable. 

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4 Tips To Master Freezeout Poker Tournaments

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