Vince Van Patten gives poker lessons to Ellen DeGeneres on her 62nd birthday

The award-winning actress, a pioneering talk show host and the legendary comedian, Ellen DeGeneres had her 62nd birthday celebration just a couple days back. The woman with many talents added another skill to her accomplishing life story by celebrating her birthday with World Poker Tour commentator, Vince Van Patten who gave her poker lessons which was a gift by her wife Portia De Rossi.

Rossi threw a very special surprise for her beloved, just before DeGeneres presented at the 2020 Grammys. She took to social media to let the world know that she gave Ellen probably the best gift ever, alongside a video on Instagram showing how Vince was easing Ellen into the basics of poker. 

Van Patten was previously an actor and a professional tennis player. He learned to play poker from his father when he was a teen and is now a commentator in WPT, which airs on Fox, Sports Networks. Patten was blown away by Ellen’s skills as he stated the same on social media, “She’s very good, very strong, very aggressive, and really has a fun knack for the game. She has a great poker face and buys a lot of pots. She’s the table captain, so I’m impressed by that.” As Van Patten said in a tweet, the comedian was “tougher than a steak at Denny’s.”

During the entire session, Ellen reminded Vince that she has a way with words. As a comedy writer, she can spin her tone and already knows how to bluff. When asked about Patten’s overall experience with Ellen he expressed, “It was great. First of all, she makes it fun. She understands poker is a social game. It’s a battle of wits and it should be fun. She has fun playing poker. That’s all you can ask.”

The comedian doesn’t have any recorded tournament cash, yet! But she still has had some experience in the world of high-stakes poker. She plays the mind game all the time in the dressing room at The Ellen DeGeneres Show. She has immense admiration for the game and keeps track of it constantly. In 2018 when the gossip site, Radar Online alleged that DeGeneres hosts high-stakes poker games at her home with other A-list celebrities where players swing a few thousand dollars, those reports haven’t confirmed their validation and the tabloid newspaper has made its share of false claims about celebrities.

Ellen’s 62nd birthday happened to be great one with the WPT commentator gifting her a little book of all his tips. Let’s hope we spot Ellen to join the tables with stars like Jason Alexander, Ray Romano and Brad Garett at the WSOP this summer!

Vince Van Patten gives poker lessons to Ellen DeGeneres on her 62nd birthday

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