WPT Philippines: Vikaash Shah lands among the final tablists in Main Event, ships MegaStack

The World Poker Tour (WPT) had their most recent stop in the Philippines, which is now towards its conclusion. The 12-day long series which was hosted at the Okada Manila consists of a total of 21 events and the biggest attraction PHP 75,000 Main Event had 2 starting flights which is now at the Final Table.

Day 1A registered a total of 126 entries, out of which 24 runners survived. The next flight saw another set of 218 entries, collecting a total of 344 entries with a narrowed down chunk of 79 players proceeding to Day 2. These players created the final prize pool of PHP 22,523,400 and top 43 places were guaranteed a min-cash payout. Zheko Dinev from Day 1B surpassed a total of 387,000 chips, becoming the overall chip leader of the event.

All proceeding players from the 2 flights resumed Day 2, creating the 9-handed final table where the players battle it out on Day 3. Australia’s Vlahos Christos built the largest stack of 2.1 million, followed by David Erquiaga with 1.44 million chips and Filipino Del Rosario Rogel with 1.38 million chips. Once the play began, Jongjun Park was the very first one to get eliminated who failed to dominate Rosario’s pocket Jacks and took home a prize of PHP 481k. Following him was the only Indian contender Vikaash Shah who entered the day with a stack of 595,000 and got busted by Dimitar Blazhev’s Ad Ah, earning PHP 613,000 (INR 8.65 Lakhs).

After back to back elimination, it was Dimitar Blazhev to ship the title for PHP 4,812,000 of 2020 WPT Philippines Main Event. Blazhev defeated Kunwoo Kim in the heads-up battle who collected  PHP 3,372,000 for the second place finish.

Top 9 payouts:

  1. Dimitar Blazhev – PHP 4,812,000
  2. Kunwoo Kim – PHP 3,372,000
  3. Mark Dela Cruz – PHP 2,168,000
  4. David Erquiaga – PHP 1,397,000
  5. Rogel Del Rosario – PHP 1,077,000
  6. Christos Vlahos – PHP 891,000
  7. Ryo Naito – PHP 784,000
  8. Vikaash Shah – PHP 613,000
  9. Jongjun Park – PHP 481,000


Indian representative Vikaash Shah shipped Event #20 MegaStack NLH for PHP 334,000. The event drew 68 unique, 7 re-entries) with a buy-in of PHP 16,000. The total number of entries created a prizepool of PHP 982,125. The prizepool was distributed to top 10 places.

Top 9 payouts:

  1. Vikaash Shah – PHP 334,000
  2. Kenta Hino – PHP 192,000
  3. Shota Nakanishi – PHP 120,000
  4. Thijs Hilberts – PHP 81,625
  5. Aexis Lim – PHP 61,000
  6. Michael Doverklint – PHP 50,000
  7. Seitaro Aso – PHP 43,000
  8. James Bonanno – PHP 38,000
  9. Naoya Fujihisa – PHP 33,000

WPT Philippines: Vikaash Shah lands among the final tablists in Main Event, ships MegaStack

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